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I-Wireless Refill Mobile Top up

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I-Wireless Refill Wireless Refill Card

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- TEXT MESSAGING: $0.15/ message sent and FREE to Receive.

- DATA SERVICES: Web Access $0.05/kb Pic Messaging: $0.15/message, plus $0.05/kb sent or received

- LONG DISTANCE: Domestic LD is FREE. International Calls: Charges to make international calls are in addition to local per minute rates. Calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are charged at the local per minute rate.

- FEATURES: Unlimited Mobile Messaging & media package: For $0.50/day get unlimited text & pic messaging, and internet browsing. Rollerover minutes: Add airtime to your account before it expires and all minutes rollover. Email: With a email capable phone. Plan also includes: Caller ID & Voicemail Ringtones, Games & Graphics: See provider for more details

- CUSTOMER SERVICE: or 1-888-248-1642 / 1-877-339-5503

Refill Instructions

To load your minutes, dial #233 from your wireless phone and follow the voice prompts.
To check your balance #225

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