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Save Time with a Prepaid

Speed Dial Phone Card

A prepaid international calling card is a blessing for anyone who has friends or family living in another area of the country or internationally, but they aren’t always convenient. Most times you have to dial the phone card number, insert your PIN number, then dial the phone number you want to call, including any necessary country codes, city codes and destination numbers. It may not seem like such a hassle at first, but after doing it time after time, the process gets a little old. That’s why you need an international speed dial phone card.

Many calling cards now come with this wonderful speed dial feature that allows you to save frequently dialed numbers to speed codes, which you can then use to automatically dial for you. Just create a speed dial list of the numbers you call most frequently, dial the access number of your speed dial calling card, and when you are asked to enter your destination number, simply dial the speed code followed by the # sign. The system will dial the number for you including any city codes or codes – it’s that easy!

It’s incredibly uncomplicated to set up your speed dial phone card with all your friends’ and family members’ phone numbers and it will make calling long distance so much more convenient! You can store up to 99 different phone numbers. Just log in to your account and then click on the "Setup Speed Dial" link. Follow the instructions on adding new numbers to your speed dial list, and memorize the 2 digit speed dial code assigned to each phone number. Once you add a number to your Speed Dial list, it will be activated instantly, so next time you want to call that number it will take little or no time at all.

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to fuss with dialing long phone numbers. Get a speed dial calling card from and experience less dialing and more talking!

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