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Rechargeable Phone Cards

If you’ve been using a phone card for a while you’ve probably heard about one of the newest features to hit the phone card market – rechargeable phone cards. If you have never used a rechargeable prepaid phone card you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Well believe us when we say, rechargeable calling cards are one of the best things to happen to the industry since, well…since the calling card was first introduced.

Do you like memorizing a new PIN every time you have to buy more minutes for making long distance calls? Do you like having to set up the PINless feature or new speed dial numbers every time you buy a new calling card? If you answered no to either of these questions a rechargeable phone cards are the perfect thing for you.

Available from many different providers including MCI, rechargeable prepaid phone card options allow you to add minutes to your old PIN over and over and eliminate the need to memorize a new PIN or reset your features every time you run out of minutes – how convenient is that? And not only is it convenient, it’s easy too!

To recharge your calling card simply log on to your account and select the “recharge” option. Every time you recharge your card we reset the expiration date to the length of time the card originally came with. For instance, if your phone card was originally valid for six months, when you recharge it we will reset it for another six months of service.

Stop memorizing a new PIN over and over. Stop wasting time resetting all your customizable features time and time again. Browse the selection of rechargeable phone cards at and get ready to experience a brand new kind of convenience you have never experienced before.

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