Prepaid Phone Card

There are many advantages in carrying a prepaid calling card when traveling away from home. Most people carry these handy calling cards to stay in touch with friends and family. They are also extremely useful in emergency situations. It feels good to know that if the need ever arises, you have the means to get in touch with folks back home.

Another advantage of carrying a prepaid calling card is the low rates at which you can purchase these cards for. Using a prepaid card can help you save minutes on your cell phone. It is also a lot cheaper than charging long distance or international calls to a hotel room phone. You can also spare the people you are calling the expense of accepting charges built into collect calling.

Finding Great Rates on a Prepaid Calling Card

With so many international and domestic cards available in the calling card market, it can be tough to ensure you are getting the best value possible. In order to help you find the best card for you, the staff at provide listings comparing calling cards by value. This allows you the luxury of knowing you are always getting the best rates on domestic and international calling plans any time you choose to purchase. also offers the unique opportunity for you to receive all of your account information instantaneously. Once you have purchased a card that meets your needs, you account becomes instantly activated. This allows you to begin placing calls now instead of later.