Finding a good phone card to stay in touch with loved ones while you're away on business can be a challenging venture. With so many different plans available in today's competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to determine who's got the goods and who's blowing smoke. It's enough to make you pull the hair from your head.

But relax. Why waste your precious time and energy stressing over calling plans? Besides, there are a number of services already prepared to do the legwork for you. So sit back in your computer chair, hold onto your mouse, and prepare to be blown away by the limitless amount of phone service rating systems.

There Can Be Only One: Finding the Right Phone Card

Now wait, I clearly remember myself saying that this was going to be easy. Now I'm telling you there are an unlimited choice in phone service listing providers? Both of these statements may be true, but there can be only one provider that offers the most comprehensive listings and the highest quality service. That provider would be

Most listing providers list cards by value, and the majority update their lists on a daily basis. does this as well. A few provide comprehensive fraud protection. would never dream of not doing so. So, what is it then that sets apart from the competition? The advantage is the instant activation of your phone card. This allows you to begin calling immediately, as opposed to waiting for your card to arrive in the mail. is the only listing provider who has demonstrated this level of forethought. That is why will always be number one, in my book.