Phone Philippines

With more and more Filipinos moving overseas to fill temporary positions as a short-term labor force, it is little wonder that an ever-increasing amount of phone cards are becoming available to phone the Philippines. These hard working individuals can spend months, even years, away from friends and family, and having the ability to call home is comforting. But finding the best value on a card to phone the Philippines can be a time consuming process., Helping Filipinos Reach Home

In order to assist this growing global workforce in staying in touch with the people at home, the caring staff at has spent the last six years developing a comprehensive interface for comparing calling plans side by side. The cards available through are rated by quality, so you are always assured of finding the best value for your money. One day Tico may offer the best rates, the next day they may be undercut by Primero.

Once you have found which card offers the best value for you, the interface allows you instant access to all your account information. No longer will you have to wait days on end to receive your card in the mail. You can now proceed to phone the Philippines right away.

To assure you of your complete satisfaction, every card available through is backed by total fraud protection. Should you ever have a problem with your account, call the toll-free customer assistance number and a representative will set you right in minutes. Don't forget to participate in the exclusive referral program, where you can earn five dollars for every friend you sign up.