Online Phone Card

There are many advantages to buying calling cards online. The most obvious advantage is the ability to compare a number of different programs simultaneously. This gives you the advantage of choosing the card that is best for you with a higher degree of certainty. Purchasing through a third party provider also offers an opportunity for heightened security.

Online calling card services often have one major fault, however. After you have made your order, you usually have to wait several days for a physical card to arrive in the mail. If you need access to a phone card immediately, this can be a tremendous downfall. Luckily, one of the many online calling card service providers happens to offer instant access.

Gaining Instant Access to a Sorely Needed Calling Card

The friendly staff at feels you should be able to gain access to your purchase immediately. That is why they have chosen to sidestep physical cards and simply send you all the account information you need over the Internet. Using this method allows you to begin using your account within minutes. You are still selecting from among the best calling card providers in the world. The only difference is that you get to use the product immediately.

Purchasing through has a number of other terrific benefits. One of these is guaranteed fraud protection that comes with every calling card. If, for example, you feel your account is being abused, a 24-hour hotline is available seven days a week to help you through any issues you may be having. You can also take part in a great referral program that earns you five dollars for every friend you sign up.