MCI Prepaid Phone Card

One of the services MCI is best known for is the availability and convenience of their great domestic and global prepaid phone cards. These phone cards are good in more than 140 countries worldwide, and provide access to operators in more than 15 languages. No matter where your travels may bring you, you can rest assured that MCI is behind you.

The MCI Domestic Card is a great option for the frequent traveler. With it you can bill calls to your American Express, gain access to the WorldPhone network, and bill calls to a third party when one is available to accept the charges. This gives you a wide berth to work with in the event that you run low on minutes. That is a feature any world traveler can appreciate.

Purchasing an MCI Prepaid Phone Card

Gaining instant access to an MCI prepaid phone card can be difficult, unless you utilize the helpful interface at When you purchase through, you are still buying directly from MCI. The difference is that you can immediately gain access to your account information, so you don't end up waiting for your card to be shipped to you.

With, every card you purchase is backed by guaranteed fraud protection. You can also access a toll-free number for any problems with your account, instead of wading through the giant phone menu system at MCI. You get all the benefits of MCI's global network, without any of the hassles. Allow to act as mediator between yourself and this industrial giant. You'll be glad you did.