MCI Phone Cards

As a leader in global telephony, MCI stands out as an icon of telephone-related services. Recognized by Fortune magazine as a member of the global "Who's Who," MCI commands a network that spans 140 nations worldwide. As the second largest long distance provider in the world, it is little wonder that millions turn to MCI for all of their communication needs.

Some of the best products offered by MCI are domestic and global phone cards. These handy prepaid phone cards are valid in over 140 nations, and are privy to the MCI network, which reaches across the globe and offers customer service in 15 different languages. Gaining access to exclusive MCI phone cards can be an ordeal at times. Purchasing directly from MCI means that the customer must wait for several days while their card arrives in the mail.

Gaining Instant Access to MCI Phone Cards

The helpful staff at has been providing the public with instant access to MCI phone cards for more than six years. Purchasing through allows the consumer to buy directly from MCI. You still get all the great benefits of MCI domestic and global cards, but you gain access to your account immediately via email. This means you can stop waiting for your card to appear, and start talking now.

Every card sold through comes guaranteed with fraud protection. In the unlikely event you should have a problem with your account, simply call the toll-free hot line to speak with a friendly customer service representative. You can also participate in the referral program. This nifty incentive program earns you five dollars for every friend you sign up. So what are you waiting for? Visit today for great deals on MCI products.