MCI International Calling Cards

For several decades, MCI has distinguished itself as a leader in the competitive world of telephone services. As the second largest provider of long distance, it stands apart as an icon of success and prestige. There are many advantages of using the MCI network, which spans the globe and transcends all language barriers. Whether you are an individual or a corporation interested in expanding your communication options, MCI is a great provider to deal with.

MCI provides superior international calling cards. The MCI Global Card is a great product for enhancing corporate communication. It allows greater corporate mobility by providing open channels worldwide, while enhancing cost control by limiting each individual card by geographic region. The MCI network spans 140 countries, so finding an operator who speaks your language is never a problem.

Purchasing MCI International Calling Cards in Volume

For corporations interested in purchasing a large number of MCI Global Cards, consider the advantage of ordering through You will still be buying directly from MCI, but offers the unique advantage of offering instant access to all available account information. This allows your staff to begin using this great service immediately.

You can also have your corporate logo printed on each card for a nominal fee. Distributing MCI calling cards as a promotional deal is a great way to develop new leads, as well as retaining repeat customers. Make a great first impression by offering new clients the opportunity to try the exclusive MCI global network. They will return the favor by giving you years of repeat business.