MCI International Calling Card

Of all the many calling cards available on the market today, few are as respected as MCI international calling cards. The MCI Global Card is an industry leader, connecting corporate firms and individuals alike. The advantages of the Global Card are the availability of privatized dialing plans, voice prompts, and access to international language services through a variety of worldwide operators.

Connect With Global Card

Finding the best MCI international calling card can be challenging. That is why has provided the public with instant access to their Global Card for more than six years. The advantage of purchasing through is instant activation. This means you get all of your account information over the Internet, as opposed to waiting days for your card to arrive in the mail.

You still get all the great features available through the MCI network. This includes MCI's guaranteed fraud protection, custom range privileges, and access to MCI's toll-free network from over 140 countries worldwide. You also get fraud coverage through, as well as access to a toll-free hotline available 24 hours a day. Should you ever experience any problem related to your account, you have many ways to resolve the issue.

Purchasing through also allows you to take part in their terrific referral program. For each friend you sign on, you will receive five dollars. Soon you could be using your MCI Global Card for free. Now, doesn't that sound reasonable?