Long Distance Phone Card

When many of us set out on our own for the first time, we are faced with many financial choices. Where we live, how we shop, and what we decide to drive all determine our monthly spending. One area of our purchasing lives revolves around phone use. Most of us will choose to have a phone, but whether or not we decide to purchase long distance is another matter altogether.

Local providers usually carry long distance as well. This is usually in the range of around nine cents per minute with an additional monthly charge. Some of us may prefer to utilize third party providers who may charge around 10 cents per minute, but without a surcharge. Consumers have another option for access to long distance. This is in the form of the long distance phone card.

CallingCardPlus.com, a Quality Provider of Long Distance Phone Cards

In order to meet the growing market demand for long distance phone cards, many competing phone providers offer cards at phenomenal rates. Several internet services have been established to rate these plans by value. One of the best internet listing services is CallingCardPlus.com. Not only do they specialize in rating calling plans, they also provide the consumer with instant access to all available account information.

So what kind of rates do domestic long distance phone cards provide? On a good day you can find several providers offering prices as low as three cents per minute. Now that is a great deal. Once you have found the plan that best suits your tastes, you can rest assured with CallingCardPlus.com's guaranteed fraud protection. If you should ever have a problem with your card, call one of the helpful staff members on the 24-hour toll-free hotline for quick resolution.