Long Distance Calling Card

For those of us who have decided not to purchase long distance through our local phone provider, it can be a difficult and expensive process to stay in touch with loved ones. There are many third party providers who offer instant access to long distance service, but often at premium prices. A great option for solving this problem is the use of prepaid long distance calling cards.

Finding a long distance calling card of good value can be a difficult task. Many stores and gas stations offer these prepaid cards, yet most of them are as expensive as third party providers. To fill this niche, many internet-based services offer direct access to calling card providers, which allows you to purchase the same cards for less money.

CallingCardPlus.com--Your Source for Long Distance Calling Cards

For more than six years now, the team at CallingCardPlus.com has dedicated their energy to providing the lowest available rates on long distance calling cards. By purchasing through CallingCardPlus.com, you are buying directly from the providers themselves. This means you can find domestic long distance rates for as low as three cents per minute. That is a price almost guaranteed to undercut any local provider.

With CallingCardPlus.com, there is no wait time between your purchase and your account activation. You receive all your information over the Internet, so you can begin calling as soon as you have finished your transaction. CallingCardPlus.com also provides guaranteed fraud protection on all the calling cards it sells. If you should ever have a problem with your account, simply call the toll-free number and a customer service representative will gladly take care of it for you.