International Prepaid Phone Card

There are many reasons a consumer might be in the market for an international prepaid phone card. Business travelers, students, and vacationers alike all need access to an easy-to-use phone plan in order to stay in touch with friends and family. With so many looking to buy, it is little wonder why there are so many providers of international calling plans.

Sorting through the plethora of available plans can be a time-consuming activity that none of us really wants to get involved in. For this reason, there has been a recent development of phone plan listings cropping up on the Internet. These listing services rate cards by expense and value, and most are updated on a regular basis to keep in step with market fluctuations. They allow the consumer to purchase directly from a variety of phone card providers, which is generally cheaper than purchasing through a third party (such as a grocery store). Gives You Instant Access

Most of these listings, however, make you wait for a physical card to arrive in the mail before you can begin placing calls. The people at find this to be as silly as you do. By using secure Internet channels, is the only phone card service provider to allow you instant access to your account information. This means you can begin calling within minutes of your purchase. offers cards from all of the best providers, and lists competing cards by quality and value. This makes the process of finding a good calling card easy. Every purchase comes standard with guaranteed fraud protection. You easily track your account over the Internet using an online order history. Should the need arise, you are always welcome to call the toll-free hotline at any hour of the day. A friendly customer service representative will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.