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Finland phone cards & Finland calling cards from

Finland phone cards from USA

phone cards for other Finland destinations: Finland - Cellular 32.66 ¢/m
Golden Link
Golden Link phone cards & Golden Link calling cards
0.78 ¢ / min*
2576 minutes
Speed Dial
- 3 Minutes Rounding
- Low Weekly Fee
- Low Service Fee
- Great for long calls
Real Card
Real Card phone cards & Real Card calling cards
3.19 ¢ / min*
626 minutes
Speed Dial
- 2 Minutes Rounding
- Low weekly fee
- NO Service Fee
- Great for ALL Calls
TelePlus Platinum
TelePlus Platinum phone cards & TelePlus Platinum calling cards
4.08 ¢ / min*
490 minutes
Speed Dial
- 1 Minute Rounding
- NO Weekly Fee
- NO Service Fee
- Great for ALL Calls
* All rates are based on using any of our local Access Numbers or our International Numbers
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Additional 25 Calling Cards to call Finland
Name Rate Rounding Rechargeable Pinless Speed Dial
T-Plus phone cards & T-Plus calling cards
1 ¢
Local Access*
1000 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
COOL phone cards & COOL calling cards
1.15 ¢
Local Access*
869 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Super Star
Super Star phone cards & Super Star calling cards
1.52 ¢
Local Access*
660 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Extreme Talk
Extreme Talk phone cards & Extreme Talk calling cards
1.58 ¢
Local Access*
632 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
African Treasure
African Treasure phone cards & African Treasure calling cards
1.78 ¢
Local Access*
561 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Bingo phone cards & Bingo calling cards
2.5 ¢
Toll Free Access
400 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
True Value
True Value phone cards & True Value calling cards
2.67 ¢
Local Access*
373 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Talk More
Talk More phone cards & Talk More calling cards
2.81 ¢
Local Access*
355 minutes in $ 10
4 Minutes Rounding
Call More
Call More phone cards & Call More calling cards
2.88 ¢
Local Access*
347 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Primero phone cards & Primero calling cards
2.89 ¢
Local Access*
346 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Tico phone cards & Tico calling cards
3.49 ¢
Local Access*
286 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
USA - Canada Express
USA - Canada Express phone cards & USA - Canada Express calling cards
3.5 ¢
Local Access*
285 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Top Link
Top Link phone cards & Top Link calling cards
3.7 ¢
Local Access*
270 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
TelePlus Worldwide
TelePlus Worldwide phone cards & TelePlus Worldwide calling cards
3.83 ¢
Local Access*
260 minutes in $ 10
2 Minutes Rounding
Classic Dream Plus
Classic Dream Plus phone cards & Classic Dream Plus calling cards
3.86 ¢
Toll Free Access
259 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
World Plus
World Plus phone cards & World Plus calling cards
4.09 ¢
Local Access*
244 minutes in $ 10
2 Minutes Rounding
24-7 phone cards & 24-7 calling cards
4.23 ¢
Local Access*
236 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Clean and Clear
Clean and Clear phone cards & Clean and Clear calling cards
4.24 ¢
Local Access*
235 minutes in $ 10
1 Minute Rounding
Call Global
Call Global phone cards & Call Global calling cards
4.33 ¢
Local Access*
230 minutes in $ 10
2 Minutes Rounding
Wonders phone cards & Wonders calling cards
4.52 ¢
Local Access*
221 minutes in $ 10
3 Minutes Rounding
Best Call
Best Call phone cards & Best Call calling cards
4.56 ¢
Local Access*
219 minutes in $ 10
1 Minute Rounding
Blanco phone cards & Blanco calling cards
4.73 ¢
Local Access*
211 minutes in $ 10
1 Minute Rounding
Brilliant phone cards & Brilliant calling cards
4.84 ¢
Local Access*
206 minutes in $ 10
1 Minute Rounding
CallingCardPlus Platinum
CallingCardPlus Platinum phone cards & CallingCardPlus Platinum calling cards
4.96 ¢
Local Access*
201 minutes in $ 10
1 Minute Rounding
Cuba Plus
Cuba Plus phone cards & Cuba Plus calling cards
5.29 ¢
Local Access*
189 minutes in $ 10
1 Minute Rounding
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Quality is 100% Guaranteed
CallingCardPlus is committed to the highest industry standards of voice quality. Our network is connected to all top tier carriers around the world and our 24/7 Network operation engineers are here to maintain the best quality on each single call.
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We are committed to offer our customers the best value calling cards. So we are not concerned only with quality but we always look for the best deals on all destinations around the globe to guarantee that our customers are enjoying great savings with us.
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Not like the competition, you will get your phone card instantly after you submit your order. No delivery of physical cards is needed. All card information will be available under “My Account” section and it will be sent also to your email.
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With more than 12 years in business and more than 300,000 happy customers, CallingCardPlus is the right partner you can trust. We know that we have been around all these years because of our customers and that’s why we work hard toward a 100% satisfaction from them.
What our customers have to say about us:
The chat people asked a couple of questions about how I planned to use the calling card and then they advised me which card to purchase. I am very happy with the card, it is exactly as promised. The customer service is exceptional, the additional perks like not having to enter the PIN number from my primary number and even storing numbers called to fantastic. I will continue to purchase from callingcardplus!
Dorothy, Arizona USA
Much better than any other cards you buy at the stores. I love it I even had them add my number to my account so all I got to do is buy the minutes n call the toll free number n it goes direct no pin entering anymore , love it! I can call Africa at any time! Thank u
Yafatou, Vermont USA
efficient way to order my calling card on line, its quick, easy and fast.
Dennis, California USA
very easy site to navigate, fast service and the calling cards are the best I have every used in over 25 years
Geraldine, Florida USA
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