Europe Phone Card

For European college students, the culmination of a successful school track can end with a comprehensive internship overseas in America. This exciting time heralds many unique experiences including newfound friendship, discovery of an unfamiliar environment, and the opportunity to display the skills one has accumulated over the years. This can also be an expensive process involving airfare, lodging, and other unforeseen costs.

One of these costs will inevitably be the expense of calling overseas. Staying in touch with old friends and relations can make a difficult experience more bearable. Finding a quality European calling plan, however, may be one of the last things on your mind.

European Phone Cards

Trying to track the ever-evolving phone card market is a difficult task. For this reason, the staff at has devoted the last six years to developing an interface to help consumers find the best values on international phone plans. Simply choose the country you will be calling and a listing will appear with phone plans ranked by value.

Once you have made your selection, will provide you with instant access to your account by e-mailing you all the appropriate information. As a result, you will find yourself spending more time talking and less time waiting. This is a tremendous advantage to you, and you will appreciate being able to get on with your exciting internship without having to worry about your phone plan.