Cingular Wireless Prepaid Phone Card

Wireless callers often need to make long distance calls that may not be included in their phone contracts. To meet this need, Cingular offers a great wireless prepaid phone card. This allows the user to purchase a preset amount of wireless minutes so you can avoid expensive charges from third-party carriers.

Cingular and

In order to get the word out about this great offer, is proud to announce it will be carrying Cingular wireless prepaid phone cards. With, you can instantly activate a Cingular phone card via e-mail. This allows you to begin calling within minutes of your purchase. You no longer have to wait several days for a physical phone card to arrive in the mail.

Cingular offers a number of great wireless phone cards to provide you with the minutes you need. You can find all of the Cingular wireless prepaid phone cards at Besides providing instant access to several packages instantly, is known for their dedication to top-tier customer support.

One of the best features of is the ability to track your minutes online. The online order history function at helps you keep track of your account and reorder minutes whenever you need to. Should you ever have any problem with your account, customer service representatives are waiting around the clock to help you. Simply call the toll-free number at, and they will help you quickly resolve any issue.