China Phone Card

Whether your family is visiting the US or you have recently relocated here permanently, calling the folks back home is likely a priority for you. The rates charged by long distance carriers and hotels is exorbitant, though--don't fall into the trap of paying their outrageous prices. Instead, travel with a phone card that lets you call who you want when you want, for a low per-minute rate.

Chinese phone cards are available for purchase from many different providers. They can be purchased for the whole of China, regional areas, or cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Deciding which plan best fits your family can be a challenge. Is Your Connection to Chinese Phone Cards

For over six years, has been making a name for itself by providing direct access to the best Chinese phone plans available on the market today. Purchasing directly from card providers via e-mail gives the consumer the advantage of buying at the lowest available price. You also gain instant access to your account when you purchase over the Internet, allowing you to begin making calls in minutes, not days.

The security provided by gives you peace of mind and assurance backed by top-quality customer support. You can track your remaining minutes online using a comprehensive order history. This also makes it easy to refill your card when the need arises. You also gain access to 24-hour customer service in the event you develop difficulties with your account.