Canada Phone Card

Many students journey from the northern reaches of Canada every year to intern at cutting-edge jobs in the United States. An internship is the best part of any college experience. Getting out of town, making new friends, and using the skills you've spent the last several years honing are all exciting factors of the internship process.

On the other hand, there are many factors involved in relocating to a new city. Packing, moving, and settling in are all difficult processes. Becoming familiar with a new location takes time, and learning a new job can be stressful. With so many things to keep in mind, the last thing you want to deal with is finding a cheap phone card.

Great Canadian Phone Cards

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Every Canadian phone card available through comes complete with comprehensive customer support. An online order history allows you to track your account anytime and purchase refill minutes on demand. Purchasing directly allows you to instantly access your account so you don't have to wait days for a card to arrive in the mail. Customer service representatives are available 365 days a year, should the need ever arise.