Canada Calling Card

The ever-growing interdependence between the business communities of Canada and the United States promises an increasing flow of resources and funds. In order to maintain this dynamic process, many business trips are taken by Canadian professionals every year. The hard work and dedication of these businessmen and women is crucial to the development of this tremendous regional economic partnership.

Call Quickly, Easily, and Inexpensively is proud to support the development of the North American economic partnership. Many of these dedicated individuals rely on calling cards to stay in touch with friends and family back in Canada during business trips. would like to offer these professionals the opportunity to find the best value on Canadian calling cards.

The fluctuating Canadian calling card market is often difficult to track. One day Visa may offer the cheapest plan, but the next it may be surpassed by STI. The network lists phone plans by value. Cards may also be purchased by province or city for enhanced value. allows the Canadian business professional the opportunity of finding a plan that maximizes purchasing power.

One of the best features at is instant activation. Once you have selected the card of your choice, all account information is e-mailed directly to you. The advantage of direct activation is the speed with which you can begin calling. Waiting minutes, not days, is something we can all appreciate. Every plan also comes with comprehensive fraud protection and is backed by 24-hour customer support.