Calling UK

Every year, thousands of people from the UK flock to Las Vegas to enjoy all this gambler's paradise has to offer. While your spending your hard-earned dollars trying to beat the dealer, it may be a good idea to save a little cash on a cheap calling plan. Finding a plan for calling the UK without breaking the bank can be difficult. There are many plans available, and rates tend to fluctuate on a daily basis.

Helping You Get the Best Value for Your Pound

Over the last six years, the staff at have been helping those calling the UK save money on phone cards. Plans are available through for all of the UK or for London specifically. All the plans on are rated by value, so you can be sure you will get the most minutes for your money.

One of the most unique features of the system is instant activation. is proud to be the only phone card provider to offer this innovative system. Once you have selected the plan that best suits you, all of your account information is e-mailed directly to you. This means you can begin calling within minutes as opposed to days.

Customer support takes top priority at In the event that someone else starts using your card without permission, simply call the toll-free number provided on the website. A friendly customer service representative will reimburse your lost minutes and quickly get you back on track again. Then all you'll have to worry about are the tricky dealers at the blackjack tables.