Calling Philippines

With the largest migrant labor force in the world, the Philippines are quickly being recognized as a leader in labor transition in the new global economy. With so many laborers traveling overseas to work in healthcare, information technology, and other fields, it is important for Filipinos to have access to quality phone plans. Calling the Philippines to speak to family and friends is important for overseas workers who may be away from home for months or years. Helps You Call the Philippines

Finding a good calling plan for reaching the Philippines can be challenging. There are many plans available on the market with rates that fluctuate daily. One day Visa may offer the best rates, the next day Tico may beat Visa out. That is why has devoted the last six years to developing a website devoted to tracking current phone plan rates.

The instant access available through allows the user to instantly access account information via e-mail. Instead of waiting days for a physical card to arrive in the mail, you can begin to call within minutes of receiving your information. Keeping you in touch quickly is the goal at

Other services offered by include comprehensive fraud protection. In the event that someone other than you begins using your account, simply call the toll-free number. A friendly customer service representative will reimburse you for any lost minutes. You can rest assured with on your side.