Calling Card Canada

With all the costs involved in college these days, saving any amount of money on everything else becomes important. For Canadian students attending college in America, calling Canada can quickly become expensive. Using a calling card to call Canada can save a lot of money. There are many phone plans available for reaching Canada, so trying to pick the best one can often be difficult and time-consuming. Makes Your Choice Easy

For this reason, decided to rank available calling plans by value. Their hard work and diligence pays off for you by keeping your cash where it belongs--in your pocket. Simply log in to, select the country or city you would like to call, then choose the best plan for you. It's that easy!

Cards from have a big advantage over cards from other providers. Instead of making you wait for days to receive your card in the mail, they give you your PIN number right away. You can start making calls immediately, if you need to. You can also use these cards with your dorm room phone, cell phone, or even a payphone on campus. You'll never be without the ability to make an inexpensive call to Canada. is committed to total service. This includes fraud protection, 24-hour phone assistance, and a complete order history available online. Refilling your card is as easy as pointing and clicking online. You can also earn big bucks by referring your friends to With skills like that, you'll be on the calling card honor roll in no time. Now you just need to worry about your grades.