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College internships are an exciting time in any student's life. For the student from the UK who travels to America to intern at a new job, this is a time to apply all the skills you have been developing over the last several years. Meeting new people, living in new surroundings, and the practical application of your knowledge base are all wonderful experiences to be had.

While you are out in the world having new and exciting adventures, you will still want to call home to tell your family and friends all about it. Finding the best rates on a calling plan for the UK is probably not something to which you want to devote your limited time and resources. This is precisely why devised the perfect solution for all of your calling card needs.

The Network has spent the last six years developing an extensive network with many of the finest calling card providers. They keep close tabs on this ever-fluctuating marketplace in order to provide consumers with the best rates at all times. Once you have found the plan you feel best suits your needs, instant activation allows you to start calling immediately. Not only can you find a great plan for calling the UK in general, but you can also find special rates if you only want to call one city or region in particular (London, for example).

Other services offered by include comprehensive online order history, guaranteed fraud protection, and around-the-clock customer support. They also offer a great referral program that pays you $5 for every friend you sign up. Sign up enough people, and soon you'll be calling the UK for free!