Call Philippines

In order to gain better access to the benefits of globalization, the Philippines have adopted a national policy of labor exportation. This program has been amazingly successful, adding a tremendous boost to the Filipino GDP (Gross Domestic Product). If you are one of the many Filipinos taking part in this labor revolution, you know how long the program necessitates being away from family and friends.

Calling the Philippines can become expensive, which can detract from the benefits of labor exportation. Finding a good calling plan can allow you to greatly reduce the expense of calling home. With this in mind, the experienced staff at would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase calling cards online.

Calling the Philippines for Less

All of the calling plans available through are customized for maximum value. On their website, simply enter the place you'd like to call. A list will appear with all the plans ranked by value so you can quickly find the plan that best suits your needs. Once you have decided which plan is best for you, instant access to your PIN number allows you to begin calling immediately.

Cards can be purchased for calling anywhere in the Philippines, or specifically for calling Manila. This gives you another option for reducing your cost for calling home. All cards available through are backed by non-stop customer support. Internet access allows you to check your order history, and a toll-free number is available in case you lose your card or suspect fraud.