Australia Phone Card

University students flock to the US from all over the world to study at some of America's top universities. This can be an exciting adventure for young people of all backgrounds, but it can also be expensive. When you should be worrying about your studies, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a way to call home.

Inexpensive International Calling Plans

International calling plans can be a difficult subject to master. With so many plans available, you almost need a college degree to distinguish which plan is best for you. Fortunately, is here to help you find a calling plan that will allow you to talk as long as you need to without breaking the bank.

For the Australian student in America, calling home can be an expensive prospect. Luckily, the clever people at have organized calling plans by country. This allows the Australian student to find the best plan designed to reach Australia. Phone cards are also rated by value at, so information on the website changes daily as the market fluctuates, ensuring the consumer gets the best deal to be found that day.

With instant PIN access and immediate activation, you can get back to your mates in Australia today, not tomorrow. The friendly staff at is also available around the clock to help you should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to your plan. So forget about your phone problems and get back to your homework!