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Global Calling Card


In the past the only way to stay in contact with someone far away was by sending mail, by signing up with a long distance plan, or calling long distance through your local phone company – none of which are very good solutions now a days. Over the years the number of people choosing to buy a global phone card over paying exorbitant phone bills has continued to grow.

A global prepaid calling card can be used all over the world, in nearly any country, from nearly any type of phone, for any reason. Whether you’re using your global calling card to check in with your family while away on business, using it to find long distance friends while on the road, or using it from home to call long distance contacts, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to stay in touch across long distances.

Using a global calling card is quick and easy, and with you can save up to 75% off your phone bills. All you have to do is buy a global phone card from our long list of cards, find a phone and call from any destination in the world to anywhere in the world – it’s that simple! With a global calling card you can truly erase geographical boundaries and reach out to anyone all around the world.

Today, the world market is rife with a multitude of phone cards, all with different features, different denominations and talk times. You don’t have to worry about finding the best value for your dollar with, however. Our comprehensive listing service provides a rundown of nearly every global phone card available, with our top recommendations for where you’re calling listed conveniently at the top of every page.

Most websites selling calling cards will make you wait for an access number and a pin number to come in the mail before you can start making calls. With you get these things instantly – as soon as you complete your transaction – so you can start calling around the world immediately. Find the best deals on global calling cards and the best customer service here at

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