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Welcome to CallingCardPlus frequently Asked Questions Page. We have tried to collect you all the mostly asked question about calling cards and phone cards. we hope that this page will answer all your questions about callingcardplus and its prepaid products. You can also contact one of our representative 24/7 by clicking here


1- Calling Card Basics

   - What are calling cards?
   - Why should I use a calling card?
   - How do Calling Cards work?
   - Can calling cards be used from anywhere in the United States?
   - Can I use my Calling Card from any phone?
   - Do I need a long distance carrier on my phone to use Calling Cards?
   - When I dial from a cell phone, is there an extra fee? "
   - What does rounding mean?
   - What does Maintenance fee mean?
   - What does "local access" mean?"
   - Can I make local calls with your card?
   - Do rates differ depending on the time of day or the day of the week?

2- Calling Card Features

  - What is "Recharge" feature?
  - Can I recharge my Calling Card?
  - How can I recharge my Calling Card?
  - Will my card expire if I recharge it before the expiration date?
  - If I bought a rechargeable card, can I buy another one instead of recharging my old card?"

  - Is there a way I don't have to enter my pin every time I want to use my calling card?
  - What is "Pinless" feature?
  - Which phone numbers can I register with my Pinless Calling Card?
  - How many phone numbers can I register my calling card on?
  - How can I check if the phone number that I'm trying to register works with your system?
  - I have caller ID Block on my phone, can I use the Pinless feature?"
  - Do all calling cards at CallingCardPlus,com support the "Pinless" feature?"
  - How can I activate my Pinless Feature?
  - How long does it take for the Pinless feature to be active on my calling card?
  - If I buy a new Calling Card, do I need to configure the Pinless Numbers again?"

Speed Dial:
  - What is "Speed Dial" Feature?
  - What are the benefits of the "Speed Dial" feature?
  - Do all calling cards on this site support the "Speed Dial" feature?
  - How can I create my Speed Dial list for my calling card?
  - How many numbers can I add to my "Speed Dial" List?
  - How long does it take for the Speed Dial List to be active on my calling card?
  - If I buy a new Calling Card, do I need to create my speed dial list again?"

Call Details:
  - How long does it take for my call to appear in the "Call Detail" page?
  - Do all calling cards on this site support the "Call Detail" feature?

3 - Account Registration and Management

   - What is 'My-Account'?
   - How do I create an Account?
   - I forgot my password and/or username, What can I do?"
   - How do I change my password or my setting information?
   - How can I see my Order History?

4- Ordering and Payment

   - Can I safely enter my credit card number on your web site?
   - How do I buy a card?
   - How do I pay for my orders?
   - How long will it take to receive my Calling Card pin?
   - How can I find my pin number and access number?
   - When I purchase a Calling Card, will I get a Calling Card in the mail?"

5- Calling Card Terminology

learn about all the terms used with descriping the fees and the charges for all calling cards click here