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Dialing Codes for New Zealand

Find below all the calling codes for New Zealand and its cities and mobiles. If you need to call New Zealand you can use one of our international phone cards to call New Zealand. You will save up to 95% when you use our prepaid phone cards and calling cards on calls to New Zealand. CallingCardPlus offer the most convenient way to purchase cheap phone cards online. Our Calling Cards are 100% Guaranteed. New Zealand Phone Cards

Country / City
Country Dialing Code
City/Mobile Dialing Code
New Zealand / Mobile
New Zealand / Other

Calling Cards to New Zealand


Calling Instructions for New Zealand

  If you are using one of our Phone Cards please do the following Steps:

1. Dial the TOLL FREE access number.
2. At the prompt, enter your PIN.
3. For Domestic Calls in the U.S., Canada & Caribbean: 1+ area code + the phone number.
4. For international calls: 011 + Country code + city code + The phone number.

if you are not using our calling cards you can skip step 1 & 2


Best Selling Phone Cards to New Zealand

1- TelePlus Platinum Phone Card

2- Golden Link Phone Card

3- Global Link Phone Card

4- Wonders Phone Card

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